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10 Beautiful Hidden Places in NSW

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Are you looking for unique and beautiful hidden getaways in NSW? These 10 hidden gems, including hidden beaches and waterfalls, offer the perfect getaway from the bustle and noise of the big cities. 

#1 Bendalong

Bendalong is a cute coastal town in the region of Ulladulla, in the Shoalhaven. Set on the majestic jutting stretch of coastline known as Red Point, this town boasts some of the most stunning hidden beaches in NSW and borders the scenic Conjola National Park

This is a magic spot to explore, full of hidden gems like the sandy Boat Harbour Beach (where you can hand feed stingrays!), the 24 hour off-leash Washerwoman’s Beach, Inyadda Beach, and further south, Potato Point, Merimbula and Jervis Bay – home to the whitest sand in the world. You’ll be spoilt for choice with any weekend spent in Bendalong’s cozy town. 

#2 Jenolan Caves

Discover a different (but no less impressive) side to the Blue Mountains at the Jenolan Caves. A highlight of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area and one of the oldest cave systems in the world, this subterranean network of limestone caves features awe-inspiring stalactite-lined chasms carved by pure underground rivers. 

Nine of the 300 caves are open to the public, including the Lucas Cave (with its striking ‘Cathedral’ limestone formation often used for music concerts) and Temple of Baal Cave. Explore the caves with guided tours, intriguing gold and night tours. 

#3 Crystal Shower Falls, Dorrigo Mountains

This stunning hidden waterfall in NSW, deep inside the lush rainforest of Dorrigo National Park, offers visitors beautiful scenery and the opportunity to explore behind the cascading sheet of water. Starting with the Satinbird Stroll, follow the Wonga Walk through lush rainforest, leaving from the Glade picnic area. 

Once you reach the falls, a suspension bridge will take you to a short side track that winds behind the waterfall into a rocky cavern. This short walk takes just 1 to 2 hours to complete. To explore the rainforest further, simply carry on trekking the Wonga walk. 

#4 Killalea Beach

One of our favourite hidden beaches in NSW, Killalea Beach offers 250 hectares of pristine coastal reserve and surfing beaches, tucked away inside the beautiful Killalea State Park. The perfect spot for a romantic picnic or camping adventure, Killalea Beach boasts bush and coastal walking tracks, beautifully landscaped picnic areas, great fishing rivers, and stunning wetlands. Killalea Park is within hiking distance of Bass Point Reserve and Shellharbour Village. 

#5 Lightning Ridge

Undoubtedly one of the most impressive hidden gems in NSW, Lightning Ridge is a tiny and quirky mining town in the New South Wales outback. Renowned for the rare black opal that has been mined here since the late 1800s, the town offers tours of the local opal mine. Try your hand at fossicking or enjoy the chance to relax in hot, bubbling Artesian bore baths. 

Bizarrely, the dusty outback town is home to a Gothic style castle called Amigo’s Castle, hand-built with ironstone boulders and designed to look like Italian ruins. You can also visit one of the largest collections of cacti in the Southern Hemisphere at Bevan’s Cactus Nursery. 

#6 Garie Beach

A popular destination for local families, Garie Beach is just a convenient hour’s drive from Sydney, in the southern end of Royal National Park. Offering excellent swimming and surfing opportunities, and even the chance to watch whales, Garie Beach is the ideal spot for a weekend getaway. Camp by the beach and amongst trees at If you’re feeling lucky, try your hand at some beach fishing. After a picnic lunch, explore the rainforest gullies around the beach and enjoy the spectacular view from Governor Game lookout. 

#7 Fairy Bower Falls, Bundanoon

Fairy Bower Falls, a gorgeous hidden waterfall in NSW within Southern Highlands’ Morton National Park, is a wonderful reward at the end of a steep walking track from Gambells Rest picnic area. From the top, you can bask in the glory of Tooths Lookout. 

#8 Dunns Swamp

Along the banks of the Cudgegong River, the pristine Dunns Swamp in Wollemi National Park, outside of Mudgee, offers unspoiled nature and stunning sandstone pagoda rock formations. Explore the numerous walking tracks, canoeing and swimming spots. 

#9 Dingo Tops, Tapin Tops National Park

On the north coast of NSW, you’ll find Tapin Tops National Park, a spot treasured by locals for its stunning waterfalls, winding creeks and ancient eucalyptus forest. Nestled inside the national park is Dingo Tops campground, the perfect quiet place to base yourself to explore the gorgeous Tapin Tops National Park. Around the camp, you’ll almost certainly catch glimpses of interesting wildlife: koalas, parma wallabies, birds and red-legged pademelons. Enjoy the Mountain Brush circuit or go take a dip at the swimming hole near Potoroo Falls. In spring, the campground will come alive with blooming violet pea flowers, large yellow guinea flowers and the flame bottle tree, bursting with red flowers. 

#10 Bermagui Blue Pools

Escape the city, hit the Pacific Drive and admire one of the best natural attractions on the Sapphire Coast of New South Wales. 

The Bermagui Blue Pools are an unmissable destination: a crystal clear salt-water natural swimming pool at the base of a dramatic rocky cliff face, surrounded with views of the mighty Pacific Ocean. Here, you can swim and snorkel in clean, clear salt water. Enjoy awe-inspiring coastal views from the viewing platform, which doubles as a perfect spot for whale watching. 

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6 Unforgettable Food Experiences in Sydney

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If you’re keen for an unusual food experience in Sydney that you won’t soon forget, we’ve got you covered. Here are the best food experiences in Sydney as rated by our staff, with handy tips from our Sydney chauffeurs on how to make the most of the food experience. 

Best Unique Food Experiences in Sydney

#1 The Grounds of Alexandria

Undoubtedly one of the most unique food experiences in Sydney, the Grounds of Alexandria is a festival for the senses and one of Sydney’s most Instagrammed foodie destinations. 

What makes it unique: Imagine strolling through food heaven with glimmering lights up above, the air filled with the seductive scent of mouth-watering flavours. The venue itself — a renovated 1920s pie factory with brick walls — offers plenty of rustic charm, complete with a sustainable garden, artisan bakery, florist and even local street food markets. 

What makes it unforgettable: Dance the night away with live music in The Shed on Fridays from 6:30pm, enjoy the organic gardens, tour the markets, or savour the Ground’s exquisite, homestyle restaurants: the choice is yours. 

Address: Building 7A, 2 Huntley Street, Alexandria, NSW Australia 2015


#2 Sasaki

This gets our vote as one of the best food experiences in Sydney: Sasaki is an authentic, homestyle Japanese food restaurant. 

What makes it unique: Offering simple, healthy and delicious Japanese food in a cozy, minimalist setting, this gem of a restaurant is known for serving simple foods with fresh, quality ingredients that celebrate the chef Yu Sasaki’s hometown of Shimane and childhood memories of his mother’s cooking. 

What makes it unforgettable: Both the short and long course omakase menus here are delicately crafted with love and attention to detail, making for an exceptional gourmet experience. Think clean and elegant and complex flavours: freshly shucked oysters with yuzu kosho infused vinegar, thinly sliced seared tuna with prosciutto and shisho, salmon roe and egg yolk sauce or tender wagyu beef, served with warm sake. This menu is seasonal and fresh so you’ll be treated to an incredible surprise no matter when you visit. 

Address: 102/21 Alberta St, Sydney NSW 2000


#3 Mr Wong

If you’re in Sydney, you can’t miss this ultimate food experience. Mr Wong is a mecca for locals who love Cantonese-style dumplings, elevating the humble dim sum to immortal status. 

What makes it unique: Tucked on a back alley between George and Pitt Streets, Mr Wong’s industrial interior design offers a trendy and cool atmosphere, reminiscent of 1930s jazz-era Shanghai. 

What makes it unforgettable: The crisp, fresh and exceptional food with unexpectedly wonderful flavour combinations. Here’s what you’ll find here: simple yet refined dumplings, wrapped in delicate noodles, king crab dumplings, Peking duck pancake, and Matcha Tres Leches dessert. The king prawn and bamboo shoot dumpling gets our salivation glands working overtime just thinking about them. 

Address: 3 Bridge Lane, Sydney NSW 2000


#4 Spice World

Ready for something a little different (okay, maybe a lot different)? This out-of-this-world restaurant is a taste of modern China in all its weird glory. 

What makes it unique: Chinese hot pots are always lots of delicious, spicy fun. But Spice World is maybe the only place where you’ll find a Barbie doll, elegantly dressed in marbled Wagyu beef, ready for you to pick off and place into your gently boiling Sichuan broth. 

What makes it unforgettable: Spice World’s ‘sauce buffet’ includes every type of sauce you can imagine, as well as delightful, quirky stock cubes in the shape of Hello Kitty and teddy bears. 

Address: 405-411 Sussex St, Haymarket NSW 2000


#5 Mjølner

A one of a kind food experience you won’t forget, Mjølner is a Viking-themed whiskey bar and restaurant, kitted out with a lavish interior worthy of Norse gods. 

What makes it unique: Drink beer out of horns and pick your weapon (knife) at the door. Inside, you’ll find whiskies galore, Nordic-inspired cocktails, waiters dressed in fur, jewels and Viking helmets, and impressive long tables decorated with Viking horns and swords. 

What makes it unforgettable: You’ll eat like a Viking king. Tuck into divine creative dishes from the carvery, including delicious tender pork belly, short ribs, rotisserie corn-fed chicken, whole-grilled trout with garlic and chives, or stuffed pumpkins with marinated bullhorn pepper and cashew curd. 

Address: 267 Cleveland St, Redfern NSW 2016


#6 Kittyhawk

It’s time to party like it’s 1944. Kittyhawk is a unique French bistro-style bar that, like a time capsule, perfectly captures the vibe of US and French troops celebrating the end of WWII on Liberation Day in the streets of Paris. 

What makes it unique: This bar recreates a retro French military aesthetic with incredible attention to detail. The little touches here and there make for an impressive atmosphere, from the authentic wartime posters and hand-dyed khaki leather booths to the old-timey champagne glasses and soft, 1940’s-style upholstery. Throughout the space, thoughtful touches like WWII squadron hats, stately antique mirrors, vintage French tiles and Morse code devices bring the retro theme to life. 

What makes it unforgettable: The 12-metre long bar is handcrafted, solid American oak and stocked with more than 900 spirits. The menu is designed like an airplane manual for ‘official use only’, filled with an impressive list of creative cocktails and decadent, contemporary French food. Think authentic French fries, savoury doughnuts, and fluffy French onion soup bread sticks that are divine when dipped in the rich beef jus soup. 

Address: 16 Phillip Lane, Sydney NSW 2000


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Best Places To Travel With Children in Australia

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Top 5 Wondrous Day Tours From Adelaide

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Quarantine Laws For Business Travellers

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The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources works with industry, the community and our state and territory governments to maintain Australia’s clean and wholesome food supply, both at home and abroad. Australia’s biosecurity system protects our human, plant and animal health by reducing the risk of diseases and unwanted pests arriving in the country. Because we all benefit, we all also have a role to play. (more…)

Top Five Corporate Travel Trends for 2018

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A Guide To Travelling To Australia On Business

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A Guide To Eating Healthy While Travelling For Business

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What Are The 5 Best Day Trips From Sydney?

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